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The mission of the Central Virginia Asthma Coalition (CVAC) is to improve the health and well being of people with asthma through education, advocacy, networking, and promotion of activities to reduce the effects of asthma in our community.


  • Support surveillance programs to collect data on asthma prevalence, mortality, and disease management.
  • Support and provide asthma education programs to individuals and groups.
  • Strengthen and expand the asthma coalition through marketing and networking.
  • Advocate for intervention strategies that will improve the health of people with asthma.

Facts and Figures

From 2001-2005, 22 percent (10,669 of 48,693) of the hospital discharges with a primary diagnosis of asthma in Virginia were from the CVAC service area.

Three of the five health districts in the CVAC service area (Hanover: 10.4%; Richmond: 10.8%; Crater: 8.7%) have a prevalence of current asthma in adults that is higher than the state prevalence (8.4%).

In the CVAC service area the average hospital stay for children (age 0-18) and adults (age 19 and up) slightly exceeds the average stay for Virginia. In 2005, the average total charge for a hospital stay for children and adults was approximately 39 percent higher in the CVAC service area than the statewide average. (CVAC service area, age 19 and up: $21,745 for 5.31 days; age 0-18: $11,629 for 2.59 days. Average in Virginia, age 19 and up: $13,199 for 4.4 days; age 0-18: $7,149 for 2.2 days.)


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